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Focus on production and sales

The bid is reasonable, let you satisfied, good faith operation, welcome to inquire!

  • Ten years of industry experience

    Because of the wide range of business, the transaction price is reasonable, do not deceive, do business in good faith, have a professional demolition, installation team and guarantee absolute security, in the same industry to obtain a good reputation and win the service of customers High praise and long-term stable cooperation.
  • Professional production

    Wet wipes refer to the use of non-woven fabrics, fabrics, dust-free paper or other raw materials as a carrier, purified water as production water, appropriate amount of preservatives and other auxiliary materials, and a cleansing effect on the surface of the opponent, skin mucous membrane or object.
  • Professional sales

    According to the overall marketing strategy of the department, prepare the sales plan of the market in charge of the company. Fully grasp the changes in the market and competitors, understand the flow of customer market arrangements, and pay attention to changes in market structure. Be familiar with their basic situation in the market, and pay attention to their changes and respond in a timely manner.
  • Perfect after sale

    In today's fierce market competition, with the improvement of consumer rights awareness and changes in consumer attitudes, consumers not only notice the product entities themselves when purchasing products, but also in the case of similar quality and performance of similar products. Pay attention to after-sales service of products.
  • Green, healthy living

    Raising environmental awareness, letting green health enter the family and creating a warm home environment has become a natural choice for building a civilized and harmonious family and moving towards a green life era.

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Integrity management, trustworthy

The bid is reasonable, let you be satisfied, operate with integrity, welcome to inquire!
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Yiwu Jiahao Commodity Co., Ltd. is located in Yiwu, a small commodity distribution center. It is a company that integrates R&D and production into one import and export right, specializing in the production of wet wipes, sanitary napkins, diapers, urine pads, cotton swabs and paper towels. Our company's products are novel in style, high in quality and low in price. Customers can build samples and are highly praised by domestic and foreign customers, which has established a good reputation for our company.
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